20 Year-Old Woman Sexually Assaults 12 Year-Old Boy And Pays Him A Dollar

A 20 year-old Masvingo woman has allegedly sexually assaulted a 12 year-old boy and offered him a dollar in return according to police.

The Mucheke woman is in detention assisting police with investigation.

The allegations stem from there being an incident on an unknown date this year when the woman who is a neighbor of the complainant, gave the boy a dollar and asked him to be intimate with her. It became a regular thing and the boy became accustomed to it. After every session she would say she would increase the money to $2.

It was when there was a dispute over money that the matter came to light, when the boy’s mother overheard the discussion. She then asked the boy what the money was before and after interrogation the cat was out of the bag.

The mother reported the case and the woman was arrested.

Sex crimes against minors in this country are fast-rising and recent statistics which showed that 1 in 3 girls were the victims of abuse by the age of 18. 60% of boys in the same age-range endured extreme physical punishment and abuse. 90% of that abuse was sexual. 40% of them were repeat offenses.

What is scary is the fact that these perpetrators, some of them known, get away with a lot of this sort of behaviour. It is even more galling when you think of the fact that some of these convicted child sex offenders get out of prison and are allowed around children again.


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