The Other 2 Moyos Fail to Take Over Parliament

3 Moyos were at the centre of this one. There is the incumbent goatie sporting one, Lovemore Moyo (MDC-T) who must be doing cart-wheels after seeing off the short round one Simon Khaya Moyo (ZANU-PF) in the run for Speaker of the Parliament of Zimbabwe race. The one with the big head and big words, Professor Jonathan Moyo had of course attempted to engineer something of a technical coup thanks to the courts.

At the end of the day it was a case of the lesser of two evils for the generally insignificant MDC-N party which voted en masse with MDC-T. Also 3 ZANU-PF MPs voted for the goatie sporting fella so it should make for interesting discussions this evening among members of ZANU-PF.

But since this bid has failed what does it mean? Does it have any implications on bills tabled before parliament? Of course to expect consistency from Professor Welshman Ncube so  it would be hard to imagine that he will always side with erstwhile buddy Morgan Tsvangirai.

The real question however is, how does ZANU-PF strike back?

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