1,440 Zimbabweans Choose To Leave South Africa

Over 5,000 foreign nationals have chosen to leave South Africa after the recent xenophobic attacks in that country, the government has said.

never again xenophobic attacks
Dani Bora / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

1,440 are Zimbabweans but by far the largest portion of the lot has been Malawians with 3,506 choosing to abandon South Africa. 682 were Mozambicans, and there were 17 Tanzanians. Another 418 Mozambicans were deported.

Over 1,000 immigrants have received trauma counselling.

The SA government says that situation is now firmly under control with no further loss of life.

The violence that rocked KwaZulu Natal and parts of Gauteng targeted foreign African nationals and spiked after comments by Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini’s speech in which he said foreigners should leave. Zwelithini has said his speech was taken out of context and torched by the media.

The 1,440 who have left will be seen by some as largely symbolic given estimates are that close to 3 million Zimbabweans are in SA but for each and every one of those who have chosen to come back home, it is an individual’s peace of mind.

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