Only 10 Zimbabweans To Remain On Latest EU Sanctions List

An European parliamentarian says sanctions will be lifted on all but 10 of Zimbabweans still on the EU list.

Geoffrey Van Orden, a British member of the European Parliament says that there are  “moves to lift the EU restrictive measures on most of the Mugabe supporters that had previously been banned from Europe and had their assets frozen.”

President Robert Mugabe and his service chiefs are believed to be the 10 to remain on the list. According to New Zimbabwethe Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) will remain on the list.

Last month European Union said that what it terms a credible referendum would result in restrictive measures being eased.

While ZANU-pf will find not satisfaction until all sanctions are lifted, they will no doubt claim this as a victory as the latest action has been on its own terms.

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