ZINWA Woes: One Day All Our Teeth Will Fall Out

The other day we woke up  to another    waterless Harare morning, the fourth day in a row. We hear there are some who have gone for weeks on end.

So what this technically means is that we had finally run out of the all the water we had stored in the buckets bottles and jerry cans.

In times of a crisis as men the whole issues of bathing does not bother us much and this was one such time where circumstances called apon us to skip the whole bathing ritual.

While washing one’s whole body takes at least half a bucket of water, brushing ones teeth is less demanding and therefore having fresh breath in the morning has often been our sole priority for a while now.

We figure five tablespoons of water is all a person needs to get a clean tongue and teeth.But five tablespoons would make that white old woman who visited our school when we where in grade one and taught us to brush our teeth cringe. The lady insisted that   we rinse thoroug when we brush our teeth because toothpaste may make our teeth brittle.

At this rate with the water shortages water shortages, we figure our teeth will all fall out  if what the old lady said about brittle teeth is true.

We just might be screwed.

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