ZIMSEC Exam Cancellation – Same Old Story

Thirteen ZIMSEC exams have had to be cancelled because some idiot of a acting headmaster lost the papers at a bus terminus.

The cancelled papers are English Language (Paper 1 and 2), Mathematics non-calculator version (Paper 1 and 2), Geography (Paper 1 and 2), Integrated Science (Paper 1, 2 and 3), Commerce (Paper 1 and 2) and Ndebele (Paper 1 and 2).

While the timetables for the exams remain unchanged it is a question of the same old story for the beleaguered institution. We really can’t keep having situations where the rest of the country is is annoyed by the negligence of a knob. Those exams will have to be reset at the cost of $850,000. With the little money we have, this is not a luxury we can afford.

In reality, should one person from a school be jumping onto a bus to go and collect exam papers? Shouldn’t there be a better system that is not so open to accidents and abuse? Surely someone needs to be thinking about. Yes, resources are an issue here, but there should be a better plan around these things.

We can’t keep making the same stupid mistakes.

With information from The Herald(Zimbabwe)

  • Communication 24/7

    these guys need to be more serious with how they handle these papers…

  • Slow_B_O_Dan

    I have seen quite a number of JOMIC 4x4s ‘loitering’ around. Surely these vehicles can be put to use even temporarily during the exams period delivering the papers more securely to schools. JOMIC personnel can even ride along and do some on the ground ‘monitoring’.

  • concerned

    y would they leave sme1 to board public transport whilst having vital documents this is zimsec’s problem now they suffer the consequences

  • Mdhara

    Correction – Exams dont get reset cz thez always 3 extra papers for contingency, anyway i ws in rural Limpompo province of South Africa yesterday and all the headmasters drive, one of the headmasters had a 2009 Merc…. šŸ˜‰ , we have ourselves to blame for paying headmasters US350

  • lurker133

    Exam papers *should be* delivered directly to the schools. Absolutely no excuse for them passing through any public space, wtf?!