ZIMSEC Exam Cancellation – Same Old Story

Thirteen ZIMSEC exams have had to be cancelled because some idiot of a acting headmaster lost the papers at a bus terminus.

The cancelled papers are English Language (Paper 1 and 2), Mathematics non-calculator version (Paper 1 and 2), Geography (Paper 1 and 2), Integrated Science (Paper 1, 2 and 3), Commerce (Paper 1 and 2) and Ndebele (Paper 1 and 2).

While the timetables for the exams remain unchanged it is a question of the same old story for the beleaguered institution. We really can’t keep having situations where the rest of the country is is annoyed by the negligence of a knob. Those exams will have to be reset at the cost of $850,000. With the little money we have, this is not a luxury we can afford.

In reality, should one person from a school be jumping onto a bus to go and collect exam papers? Shouldn’t there be a better system that is not so open to accidents and abuse? Surely someone needs to be thinking about. Yes, resources are an issue here, but there should be a better plan around these things.

We can’t keep making the same stupid mistakes.

With information from The Herald(Zimbabwe)

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