Of Zimbabwe’s Straight Women Going Bi-Curious

Yes this is another thing to do with that taboo topic.

But there is a huge increase in women trying same sex relationships and many say it is because they have tried all types of men and it just isn’t working. In essence they are ready to give up on men because they are problem. Not because they particularly found women attractive but because they are trying an alternative.

This is becoming even more hectic with Facebook and the lot. I have a few people on my timeline who are alternative in their tendencies and they have been registering a huge level of interest from women. The annoying thing is that as soon as the woman comes across a man she thinks she can live with, she buggers off and acts as if they don’t exist.

But… this makes you wonder if Zimbabwean men are that bad. Are we really that we are making women questioning their sexuality? have we really gone that mad that a woman will risk some social advantages for fulfillment?

But then again people are going into relationships for the wrong reasons, so wtf!

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