More Zimbabwean women happy to be the other woman

So the mistress thing has been around for a while. It’s age-old and that sort of thing.

But it has always been frowned upon. It has been considered a thing of shame. What sort of woman would do that. Yes, libbers, the man has almost always gotten away scot-free on account of it having been a patriarchal society since time was invented.

But now in Zimbabwe with the now commonly accepted status of ‘small house’ the positioning is now different. Yes there are women who do it for money. After all times are hard and if she can lay on her back and pretend to reach orgasm for groceries, an apartment and air time, three times a week or so then ah well. Sometimes the dude comes only once a week so she has all the other days to get up to all sorts of things. And weirdly, with some of them they doesn’t get up to other things thanks to a misplaced loyalty. Maybe knowing where your bread is buttered?

But then there are a few relatively paid women. No scratch that. A few who have quite a bit of money to spare who are happy to be the other woman. I kid you not. I have come across a growing number of women who are not attracted to single guys. And by that I mean single as in not married. Not the kind of single where he has not woman at all. But the sort where there is no ring or at least tehre ahas been no commitment made elsewhere.

It’s just the way it is.

Each to his own. Polygamy is back!

  • Nesongano

    It has always been like that. You come across a girl and propose love to her, in no time she accepts your proposal but then you inform her I am married with 2 kids. She says your being married doesn’t bother her, what she wants is a relationship.