Zimbabwe more sexually liberal than many people think

There is this fallacy doing the rounds that Zimbabweans are as conservative as they come.

Given some of the conversations I have had with what some would call the average Zimbabwean you would be amused.

You have young men who have carried on extensive multiple relationships, the level to which would make headline news in foreign tabloids. There are women who are married who have extended their sexuality to other men and women quite comfortably and with reckless abandon.

There are young girls who travel with bag and a eerie sense of hope from one of the country to the other to engage in unspeakable acts of sexual congress with whoever pleases them, and mostly just for the fun of it.

And as for the idea of a mistress. That has become an accepted norm. A man must have a mistress. Some ‘happily married’ men exchange women like they do notes in their pockets. And for what? The variety, one told me. Another told me it was because he was bored. And yet another said he had the money to do it, so in his words, ‘Why not?”.

Some may argue that it is the people who I expose myself to but I can tell many tales of seemingly straightforward and innocent looking men and women who if the lid was lifted from their pretense, would shock a generation. Well not this generation but maybe two before it.

To be perfectly honest the new liberties should surprise pretty much nobody. Given that loads of people have access to DSTV, SABCs 1-3 and the Internet where they are fed with a constant diet of liberal ideas that are a shameless attack on morality.

At the end of the day, humans can only take so much before their innocence is stolen.