Miss Zimbabwe 2012 Contestants Set New Low For Pageant

So Zimbojam published pictures of the Miss Zimbabwe 2012 contestants and well, bar one or two – and we are being excessively generous here – an overwhelming percentage of those girls should not be found anywhere near a beauty pageant.

Now we are not ones to call any girl ugly but to be perfectly honest, to even begin to try to con people into thinking that is the best we have is a cruel joke.

Given that we are not fans of the beauty pageant thingamajig because we think it is boring. No, we have no noble reason other than the fact that it is plain boring. No cerebral business going on. It sucks.

So having said that you would think that we would not be bothered. We don’t like beauty pageants but we love models. I mean we are no angels. We like models because they make a special effort to look good and they get taught how to look good meaning that they are being modeled into the perfect woman you want fantasise about but not sure you would marry because she looks like she will melt if she stands anywhere near a stove.

The only reasons we would have such a  horrible field is because someone got laid or someone got laid. Or if we are to really reach out and clutch at straws in an ocean, there was noone else. Maybe we should have a commission to look into that. Then another commission to look at those findings. And then finally an inquest and then a commission of inquiring looking into the inquest.

I think we have really set the rock-bottom here. I mean from this bunch we are supposed to find the successor to Angeline Musasiwa and Dionne Best and the works. Those girls used to give boys wet dreams and may have been responsible for an increase in the sale of lotion and tissues. As for this selection of girls, no amount of make-up or camera angels could make them atttractive.

Some of the ones we have this year are bit scary or simply not photogenic. Some look  like a girl akagara paruvare akadhinhiwa hake kuruzevha.

And when someone goes to that page and they are from some nondescript country where everyone lives under a rock, they will believe that these are the most beautiful women in the country.

Now waiting for the libbers to throw rocks at us.

You can view the field from Zimbojam by clicking here

  • yeah checked them out, and da make up is just horrendous….

  • miss-sunshine

    Pretty Gals but the make up esp eye shadow and the hair styles

  • Guest

    Shatrisha central! No! No! Most of these girls are ugly! This is a beauty pageant.

  • SeanCee

    Whoa, this is insane! IS this really the best they could get? Eish…

  • mufaro

    Hehehe hypocrisy!iyezvino you are defending emily asi you were dissing the 2012 girls