About That Zim Woman Who Had Sex While Her Child Watched

So there was that story about that woman who made the headlines in recent days after a video clip showed a Zimbabwean woman having sex with her boyfriend while her 3 year-old child watched.

We chose to keep quiet on this matter while it was happening. Yesterday we were angry and the day before even angrier.

There was no way we could write about that issue without rolling out a bunch of expletives. Because we have mothers who still draw breath from this earth and raised us well, we tend to keep our profanities out of the public space.

The woman in question has since been named by other websites and apparently this happened while she was in Johannesburg. She fully resides in Bulawayo.

All we can say is that this is disgusting, base and just plain stupid. There are no other words.

The sad thing is that this is happening a lot in Zimbabwe especially in houses where there is only one room. Yes in this instance there seemed to be a second room but at the end of day society is failing to protect its own.

The fact that this sort of thing is the norm in some places in Zimbabwe shows that society is derogating from its responsibility to protect the young from situations like that.

That is not to say the woman in question has not wronged.

Think of it this way, now that they know who she is and that she is in Zimbabwe, what are they going to do about it.

Nothing, probably.

  • nhonho11

    As much as the act is deplorable it is not criminal. When you say THEY are not going to do anything. Who is THEY and what did you want THEY to do? Burn her as a witch? I am willing to bet that this child will barely remember this ever happened.

    • You are a bit wrong on the child not remembering anything. Between the age of 2 and about 7 that is when kids absorb the most information and are the most impressionable

  • mr guchu

    I was saddened by the hypocrisy and a lot of Pple who never to law school trying to be judge.We do not know how the circumstances this video became public.To all those vane vana is this strange to you?We have all ignored our kids during sex or even had sex whilst lying next to them.Maybe she never heard the child coz ainakirwa.If there is anything that woman needs supports life is more important guys.Imagine if she commits suicide vese vaye vaiita kunge vemachild rights would any of offer to adopt the child or sponsor him until he reaches 18.Why did we watxchthe video

    • bands

      if i could have my way, i could beat up that woman