Of Zapiro Calling Zuma A ‘Dick’

Jonathan Zapiro has always been, well, controversial. He has always liked to push the envelope.

His latest cartoon in which he calls the President of South Africa is not satire. It is a direct insult.

Next to a picture showing portraying Zuma in the form of a penis he writes:

Though sex is his publicised sport
Zuma took the dick-painting to court
Suing Brett’s free expression
Confirmed the impression
He’s AS big a dick as we thought!

We think the portrayal of the head of state of a country as a dick is disgusting and adds nothing of value to the argument. People say people need to have a sense of humour and be able to laugh at themselves but this is an ‘all time low’ for someone who has is a bit self-infatuated with sans-conscience right right to an opinion.

The fact that he abuses the constitutional right to freedom of speech to settle what seems to be a personal score on a public forum is quite unfortunate.

The purpose it serves cannot be understood beyond a personal dislike for the president. It is just designed to shock people and have them talking about everything except the important issues. It lacks decency and strips dignity from the highest office in the country.

Like the spear before it, it is disruptive, mischievous and morally bankrupt. You can say what you like about the shortcomings of Zuma but do something of that nature is beyond reproach.

If you have not seen the picture, follow this link

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