White South African Asks: What Exactly Did We Steal From You?

We were alerted of this blog post on  Shane’s Blog  and we thought we would reproduced it here. Essentially ‘Shane’ is an angry young white South African who asks black people What Exactly Did We Steal From You?

We have republished his post unedited, warts and all


Some information I received from a good friend on Twitter!!

Some basic facts for the idiots who claim we stole everything from them!

Who oppressed and disadvantaged you before the so called settlers arrived here? Did the settlers steal your advanced infrastructure? Did they steal your mines, hospitals, libraries and universities? No !! They did not!! They found masses of black people living on the fringes of the stone age!! Primitive beings dressed in skins wielding sticks, living in primitive dwellings dragging their possessions around with them because unlike the rest of the world they had not even discovered the wheel yet??

Ethiopia has never been colonized and is today one of the most desolate places on the planet? Who oppressed them? Who disadvantaged them??

Take Germany, a white country that was completely decimated by war! 15 short years later it was described as an economic wonder of the world! Then you look at Zimbabwe? Its black population was handed one of the wealthiest countries in the world that had a surplus of everything! Today it is trying its best to outdo Ethiopia as the shitiest hellhole on the planet?


Blacks never owned any land? Land ownership is a western concept. Blacks have always settled wherever they could and were governed by tribal savagery! In other words the most savage moron ruled!!

More hallucinations aside – e.g. Ancient gold mines – a Little bit like the Zimbabwe Ruins (the Pyramids, etc) – next to this Magnificent structure, the indigenous people built stone-age dwellings out of dirt and sticks (at best emulating the birds). Using minerals is an entirely Imperialist/Western concept – in fact, in many ways it saw some of the most tangible advances, by WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN MEN – just peruse some of the academic papers at Wit’s Engineering Library?

Money, capital and the pivotal mechanisms of the wealth that allows you to breathe, eat, have children, live a rather healthy productive and fulfilling life, but also allowed the cognitive development that leads you to make your daft comments – it is ALL of Western origins. In fact, the key advancements in modern finance and economics were made by the Dutch. Why do you think New York’s financial center is called “Wall Street”? It was initially called “Waal Straat”. When the settlement was under Dutch control, Yes you idiot, the Dutch took their cognitive substance there as well! The same Dutch that were the most direct descendants of the people who landed at the Cape in 1652. In fact, the modern ‘WEALTH system’ was originated by the Dutch and it funded the explorations around the tip of Africa.

Perhaps we robbed the “disadvantaged” blacks of their private jets, their Breitling watches, their Italian designer suits, or their German luxury limousines, their Blue Light Brigades or perhaps their space shuttles?

You never had anything to start with and would still not have anything if not for the hand full of hard working whites you so desperately want to kill????


What do you think? Have our say below

  • James Ritala

    Chokwadi chinorwadza…

  • Zimmer

    The man/boy is an angry and racist idiot whose erroneous and insulting rantings should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve. Thankfully most modern humans have moved beyond such infantile ramblings, but it is a stoic reminder of what ignorance and hate can conspire to put together.

    • Well there are a few people who agree with him though

      • Sandra

        Yeah… only about 100% of comments on his blog….it is a rather extreme and emotional point of view reinforced by concrete examples of leadership failure/corruption/self seeking across the african continent.

        • We didn’t say they were right. By the way he deletes comments he doesn’t like apparently

  • Trevor Vusi

    I wonder why you decided to remove my response to this indignant article. As a black man, a human being, an educated African man I’m utterly disgusted by your myopic view of the truth about African history. Eventually, the thief will have to payback what they took. One wonders why you don’t go back to Holland where you ancestors originate from if you have such hatred for Africans? The truth is that they wouldn’t accept you as part of them because societies have moved on! You also forget that not all Africans agree with the way our economies have been managed but we forge ahead with fortitude knowing that we are masters of our own destiny. Why cry over spilled milk, if you are so great a race of people why not invade another country and build anew?

    Get your facts right about riches because they don’t have an Anglo-Saxon origin. They have a Middle-Eastern, African origin. So does education, voyage, arts, music, etc…Anglo-Saxons where just good salesmen, taking other people’s invention, discoveries etc to be their own (plagiarism). Who has been at the forefront of world wars, nuclear armament, holocaust, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, the cold war, the two world wars, global economic collapses??? Have Africans ever be at the forefront of such global atrocities at mammoth scales? If white people hate Africa, why don’t they go back to their ancestral lands??? Leave Africans and those who have its best interest to sort out their problems, instead of being racist and bigoted why don’t you become part of the solution? By the way, it’s White multi-national companies that are still ‘raping’ Africa of it’s resources even now. If anything, your article, blog is just a public waste of space where you are parading your ignorance. There’s no difference between you and Hitler and all those who are liking your blog.

  • Charlie

    As far as I’m aware, Ethiopia was part of Italian East Africa, and modern banking was “invented” in Florence in the 1400’s. I think this chap is getting confused with the Rothschilds who only came along in the 1700’s. He is right about the concept of land ownership being a Western concept though; Mzilikazi laughed when he was first asked to sell land to the settlers. The crux of all of it is that Africa has not been stolen from the blacks by the whites, what the whites did do was to introduce to Africa an entirely new way of life. The black people who lived at the time had no way to fully understand what these changes would mean to them in the long run, but ultimately made it impossible for them to continue living according to their traditional values. That was wrong. It’s a bit like inventing a new sport, not telling the opposition the rules, and then being surprised that they are pissed off about losing. Having said that, I get why he wrote this article, though I don’t think he has approached it in the right way. White people are blamed for so many of the problems in Africa, but never given any credit for the good that has been done there. Would modern blacks really want to be nomadic cattle herders with no access to healthcare or education? Probably not. If black people want land, that is their right and there is plenty of it to go around. However, only the governments (who are mostly black) have the power to give the land back to the people in a way that does not involve ethnic murder and illegal land grabs. The truth is they, just like the white settlers of old, are too busy lining their own pockets and actually don’t give a shit about the average black man. Yes, the white settlers made a mess of things, but why, after so many years of black rule, has nothing been done to rectify it?

    • What you miss in all this is that what happened was that blacks lost their FREEDOM. You can sanitise everything else but freedom was stolen. And with it the right to self-determination, whether that meant living for longer as cattle-herders or not. That was an inalienable right of being human that was taken away.

      • Charlie

        Yes, they did lose their freedom, but they have had it back for over a generation, more in the case of some countries. Besides, who among us is really free? No matter which corner of the globe you look at, we are have money taken from us without our permission through taxes, laws are dictated to us by our governments, our inheritances taxed, we are told what we can and cannot do with our time, our minds, our families, our possessions. “Freedom” is an illusion that governments invest heavily in perpetuating, especially in Africa. Black Africans HAVE the freedom to self-determination; they won it in the form of declarations of independence many years ago and have elected a number of governments since. So the question I think Shane is asking, albeit not very well and in a tone that has clearly put people’s backs up, is why are white Africans exposed to such anger and vitriol for the problems black Africans face, even though they have not ruled in Africa for years? Why is it not directed towards the current, black governments, who alone have the power to make meaningful changes?

  • Empress Bee

    The guilty will always be afraid….hence all these excuses..”if it wasn’t for ABC then there wouldn’t be DEF”…..ma’an just be thankful the rightful owners of the land are letting you stay dispite of what you did. Show appreciation….otherwise what you are doing is rubbing salt on a bleeding wound……because truth be told. … If you came and “westernized” and then went back to where you came from…then by all means you did not steal anything. BUT and a big BUT…if you came, saw, concoured, “westernized” …. settled down and called the place YOURS….You Simple Stole…period!!!!!

  • chiedza

    we just don’t like you leave our land go back to yours leave us to be primitive

  • isu

    He is angry and sounds racist. But he has some facts. We did not have much when the white chaps came, and in many countries when they left, whatever they had built and left to us we destroyed. It is true. They did not steal our minerals or mines. We gave them mining rights.