Weird ‘press’, social media sows seeds of Islamophobia in Zimbabwe

It seems as if the weird ‘press’ is in overdrive and trying to jump on the weirdo bandwagon of right wing nutcases in the US in claiming Muslims are actively trying to take over country.


Ridiculous WhatsApp messages and some articles spotted on these seedy sites claim high level meetings naming government ministers and prominent church leaders as being part of some conspiracy.

Without even tracing to see if it all made sense, some warped logic is being used amid claims that the threat is being made that islamic countries will not give (no talk of investment) Zimbabwe money unless it converted to the religion and called itself an Islamic nation.

Weird given the biggest investors we have China actually couldn’t give to tosses about religion.

And then of course just for good measure messages prey on the fear that of Islam that is peddled in western media and drumming up ties to ISIL and the lot.

Funnily enough the  ‘press’ attempts a tenuous link between the national pledge and the Islamic takeover (of course none of them have read the preamble to the constitution).

The ridiculousness of the claims is insane you would think Donald Trump and his lot had written them.

So with all the issues we have in our country, you want to follow this as a credible fear? Why? Because you have an internet connection?


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