VIDEO: Watch This Zimbabwean Idiot On A Tram In Australia

So there is a video that has gone viral titled ‘Rich Zimbabweans in Australia’.

In it an inebriated Zimbabwean is seen boasting on a tram about how much money he is worth, after he seems to have had his advances rejected by a girl who we later find out to be Kenyan. Throughout the video taken on a mobile phone, he makes reference to how much his clothes are worth, what he apparently has access to back home and belittles other Africans.

Now, where we come from, our mother would slap us, pull our ears sideways and maybe even get dad to give us a boot up the rear end. This kind of behaviour is too un-Zimbabwean. We are by nature a humble people and the US-style boisterous kind of behaviour is an embarrassment.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think. We know we do not like it at all.

Click here to watch the video on Youtube if you can’t view it here.

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