Watch As Manchester City Fans Appear From Nowhere

It is common cause that  men are surgically attached to their football teams. A man chance change his religion, bleach his skin, betray his country, have an affair, abandon his family, change his sexuality but he will not change the team he supports.

Seems standard, right? Wrong.

Because in Zimbabwe, a lot of fans follow the latest winners. In the 90s there was Liverpool then some of them went to Manchester United. With Arsenal’s period of success some of them followed. Then the special one came and so people went to Chelsea. Now I expect some to suddenly rock shirts written Etihad.

To look legitimate, they will google Man City’s history and claim that they have been following the team since some random player scored a goal that almost meant something 20 years ago.

Not that it matters really, because why make a fuss about how loyal you are to a team anyway? I’m just saying..

  • Rory

    Please send me the crib notes so i can support them when the rovers get relegated! Do i need to go as far back as Denis Law relegating his beloved united or will it suffice to crow about paul dickov, joey barton, and Benjani!!