Unsolicited Emails and Text Messages Are Against Zimbabwe Law

This morning I received 3 messages from people telling me about parties and a whole lot of other rubbish that they are up to. One of the messages came in just before 7 in the morning and the other 2 came before 10 in the morning.

Now, if I am not your mailing list, that is all very well and good but given that some of these are just a bunch of louts giving your number out to someone’s database it is annoying. Then there are those who collect people’s numbers and emails and sell the database to whoever wants it. I can accept selling access to a database when the people in it are aware that they will be randomly sold products and services.

But guess what?  A Zimbabwe law exists that says they are not allowed to do that. Section 88 of the Post and Telecommunications Act of 2000 says and I quote

88 Offensive or false telephone messages
Any person who—

(c) makes any telephone call or series or combination of telephone calls without reasonable cause for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety;
shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding level five or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or to both such fine and such imprisonment.
[amended by Act 22 of 2001, with effect from the 10th September, 2002]

Someone will say that intention is not to cause anxiety, annoyance or inconvenience but it does cause me unnecessary annoyance and inconvenience to have my privacy invaded by people who I do not know. That is spam and the law says it is wrong.

The thing that annoys me is that because they are coming from bulk messaging services you have no option to opt out!

Other sections of the act deal with the distribution of mail as well.

I am not saying stop selling, but don’t just pick number or email from Joe Blogg Mutandiri and then start bothering me. The next time someone does that, I am taking it up with the law!

Download the Post and Telecommunications Act from here