Thieves Steal Zim Man’s Dreadlocks In SA… SMH

A Zimbabwean man has had his HAIR stolen from him in a club in South Africa.

According to The Times, Mutsa Madonko was found by his friends passed out with his head shaved at a club in Johannesburg. He had his cellphone, money and other valuables still on him.

Madonko had grown his hair for 10 years.

Apparently there is a huge demand for dreadlocked extensions. So people are having their hair stolen.

Now that is just cold. How are you going to steal a man’s hair? The awkward part is when you have to report it to the police. You will be on some..

Offisa. Ndabirwa vhudzi.

Now you know that is not a good look. What will we do next? Insure hair against theft?

With information from Times Live

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