You Can Sue The Police – Chinamasa

The law of the land in Zimbabwe looks like it has a lot of interpretations. This is not least when it comes to issues to do with the traffice.

First you hear that the police can impound cars. Then you hear that they can’t. Then they said they can again. Then the police said they had a right to do it. They said they could impound cars if people didn’t pay spot fines. Then  they also said they could smash windows if the drivers tried to run away,

Now Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa says the public has the right to sue the police if their windscreens were smashed for no legitimate reasons. He also said members of the public could insist on going to pay fines at the police station if they did not have money on them. He added that it made little sense to impound a car worth $20,000 over a $20 fine.

We expect that there will be another story saying that the police could do all they are allegedly not allowed to do after all.

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