Spirit Medium Challenges Makandiwa To A Contest

A self-proclaimed spirit medium has  challenged religious leader Emmanuel Makandiwa to a demonstration of power contest before his congregation.

Sekuru Lovemore Chiponda says he is medium for the spirit of Chaminuka.

He says he had his regalia and DVDs burnt after an altercation with Makandiwa’s people. Not only that, the bouncers then tried to baptise him ‘in the name of the Jesus.’ He resisted the baptism saying that his belief in his ancestors and the works were valid because these very same ones led the war of liberation without need for Jesus.

This is the stuff that inspires Harry Potter movies. Wizards having a go at each other to see who bests the other. Some trying to convert people to deatheaters or the other way round.

It is pretty weird stuff happening in Zimbabwe we tell you.

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