‘Female Rapists’: What Happens To All That Sperm?

Early in the week, we posted a blog reporting the arrest of three women who were nabbed after they tried to retrieve 31 condoms full of semen from an accident scene. The women were charged and remanded in custody untill 28 october. What most people are  wondering is where they taking all that sperm and what is being done with it.  The women say they are just hookers trying to make money. Many people in Zimbabwe belive there are other much more sinister reasons behind the sperm harvesting. Here are some of the  possibile uses we have heard from people talking about the case.

1- Sperm is now an expensive delicacy for the rich just like fish eggs or caviar if you want to sound fancy.

2- We are reliably informed by a lady who claims sperm does wonders in smoothening the skin and clearing blemishes on the face.  It is likely there is a blackmaket for it somewhere.

3-The 3 women have somehow discovered a way to preserve the sperm under, heat, dust and other enviromental conditions and run a sperm bank where they help couples who cannot have babies.

4- Sperm is now the special ingredient in wealth generating juju and theres a ready market for it.

5-The three women had a crazy fetish and just like to collect sperm and compare notes at home on who collected the most sperm.

Please add onto the list so you can help solve this mystery.

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