So.. About Our April Fools’ Day Joke

So you know 1 April is April Fools’ Day and all that other business that comes with days designated for what people designate stuff for.

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Buntekuh / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Just to give you a heads up on the origin of the day, like real quick.

It is disputed because you know, different cultures want to claim to be the most laid back pranksterish of the lot. Except the British. They like their stiff upper lip stuff which is why seeing Prince Charles smile is like hen’s teeth.

Some claim ancient cultures (like pre-Bible era according to some Historians so we talking lovers of Krishna) celebrated New Year’s Day on April 1. Pope Gregory XII came obviously came and gave that a middle finger and moved us to January.  But this explanation is silly because it explains so little.

Romans claim that Constantine (the dude associated with the whole modern Bible thing) sat down and asked a fool (Kugel) to be king for a day.

To be honest we actually don’t care.

So back to our joke. We worked really hard on it. Like proper hard over three and half a minutes. Properly curated we set about the roadmap which was about 3cm long so that was awkward.

Then April 1 came…  and well… we forgot about it.