Siberian Town Backs Cat For Mayor

This is like that time when Zimbabwe’s late vice president Simon Muzenda once said.

Well he was quoted as having said:

If Zanu-PF choose to put up a baboon as a candidate then you will vote for that baboon.

Well in the Russian city if Barnaul it is not quite a baboon but residents are so fed up with politicians a cat is receiving backing.

Barsik could get our vote. Look at those eyes.

Barsik could get our vote. Look at those eyes.

The city has 650,000 people and is about 2,900 km away from M0scow.

Barsik the cat is currently more loved than the six candidates for mayor. It is a statement of intent, showing the people’s lack of belief in the system. The cat has 90% of the vote in polls.

It’s real out there in Siberia. People and the weather cold. Well, cats they love.

We love cats too. Barsik for Zifa? We’re kidding.

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