Sex-swap Patient Wants To Be A Boy Again

At 16, Bradley Cooper, now Ria Cooper insisted he was old enough to make a firm decision to become a girl.

Now Ria wants to be a boy again, after a year getting juiced up with hormones to turn into a girl, sessions with psychiatrists and doctors.

At 18, Ria is the youngest sex-swap patient and says after two suicide attempts, she wants to be a boy again. Ria says that she has become alienated from the world and has mood swings which she blames on the hormone shots.

Well, we think that this is pretty much what you get when you allow teenagers to make certain life-changing decisions. We all have been teenagers before and we changed minds every week over matters of great importance. Allowing a 16 year-old to make such a firm decision, was simply not a clever and a bit too, well, indulging.

We suppose that the first mistake had to be made in order for the system to see the error of its ways.

With information from Daily Mirror(UK)

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