Self-Proclaimed ‘Prophet’ Uses Facebook To Lure Women

A Zimbabwean ‘prophet’ has been arrested for using Facebook to lure women for his sexual misadventures.

The Sunday Mail reports that ‘Prophet’ Ronald Mambohautumwi, the leader of the Crossover Ministries Church would tell women that intimacy with him was part of some calling.

What this dubious fella would do is stalk women in his church who were friends of his on Facebook  and then lure them to his lair at his home in Marondera. He has since been arrested and  he has been yes, assisting police with investigations. They have him for two cases of rape but it is expected more women could come forward.

It is said that rituals for cleansing and whatever these prophets claim to be be working on would happen in Mambohautumwi’s bedroom over days and at some point he would have sex with the women claiming that it was all part of the ritual. To put the cherry on top he would tell the women he would marry them in six months.

Not to single out these ‘prophets’ because people lie in order to have sex all the time, the reality of it all is that the use of God in order to get laid is a bit sick.

Wait, well we know guys who sing in church choirs, and junior pastors who get laid because they seem passionate about the whole God thing.

We suppose unlike the ‘prophet’ they don’t claim some divine inspiration behind the sex. This dude raped women in the name of God.

Rapists are weird.

  • lol…
    the things some people do; just to get laid…

  • Anonymous

    These women were not raped. They consented after being convinced by whatever he told them – is that not what happens? Men convince women with enticing words. What happened here is a case of sour grapes. After one of the ladies found out that the “prophet” was also charming other girls she was OBVIOUSLY heart broken and realized she had been taken for a ride and decided to get back at him. That’s not rape!!! Maybe the prophet should be charged with misusing a position of authority to be intimate with a person in a subordinate position kwete kubata chibharo.

    • Abusing authjority to have sex is rape. It is psychological so the person is forced to make a decision they normally would not have made were it not for the authority of the person who made them do it

  • Former Crossover

    So apparently this guy ended up marrying his so called assistant pastor (pastor grace), lol don’t know if they are married or if its just pulling a face, and he changed the name of the church and moved to Norton so that people don’t realise that its him, he did it the other time when he left gweru, shame on you Ronald Mambohatumwi, you are definitely not a man of God!!!!