SABC Bans Zuma Ad Calling It ‘Degrading’ [VIDEO INSIDE]

South Africa’s public broadcaster has banned an advert just two hours before it was meant to be aired.

The reason? They say it is degrading.

The animated commercial begins with the words “Dinner time at Nkandla” appearing over a picture of a mansion. Then we see a woman at sitting at a very long dinner table –  Zuma has 4 wives and at least 20 children –  where the family are enjoying a fish and chip meal.

An animated Zuma then says: “Eat up honeybunch, there is a lot of good food here. It’s from the Fish and Chip Company. There are many of you in this house, at only R25 even Pravin will approve this.”

SABC are thought to have unilaterally decided to pull the ad because it was degrading.

We are not sure first of all what is degrading about the advert. Perhaps it is a cultural thing that we are unaware of.

Paul Warner, the creative director at MetropolitanRepublic Group, the agency that made the ad, says he found it perculiar that it was pulled without anyone having lodged a complaint.

Tell us what you think? Is it offensive or is the SABC just being a bit too sensitive here?

If you can’t view the ad on this site please check it out on Youtube by clicking here.

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