So Many Roadblocks Yet We Still Have Loads Of Road Accidents

The shear number of traffic cops on the streets of Zimbabwe is simply astounding. We must commend the ZRP for working hard to try to improve the safety of our roads.

On every road there are at least a road block or two. They stop people and do all sorts of stuff so it means they are working. They say it is make sure that the roads are safe and all that other chatter.

What then boggles our minds is why we still have carnage and cars which are not roadworthy still roaming our streets. Given the number of cops on our roads, Kombi drivers should not be behaving as if they own the roads making up new traffic laws as they drive.

We wonder why some drivers drive as if the have the right to break the law, what gives them the arrogance to parade their ignorance to traffic laws as if they know they will go unpunished something somewhere does not add up…

We won’t suggest anything but we are sure you can do the maths.

  • ngoni

    They should just their name to ZTP, Zimbabwe Traffic Police