Rape-Accused ‘Prophet’ Blames Holy Spirit

A self-styled prophet is giving a strange defence in a trial where he is accused of raping two sisters.

Masimba Wynne Chando claims the holy spirit told him to have sex with two sisters and marry them. He apparently threatened the family’s homestead and said that if the women did not have sex with them the homestead would be turned into a graveyard, ergo, they would die.

He apparently raped the first victim daily from December 2012 to October 2013 and she could not run away because of the death threat.

This has shades of the incarcerated Robert Martin Gumbjura’s case. We wonder if this case has anything to do with this case, as in this woman was brave enough to come forward because someone else had.

Religion is strange. As someone called Paul wrote, competing thoughts -or conscience – will either accuse or excuse you.

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