‘Prophet’ Dies In Failed ‘Buried Alive’ Stunt

A self-style prophet has died after he tried to perform a stunt in which he would escape after being buried alive.

Prophet Kanyama Shamiso (26), who was from Chikavacha village in the same area died after the ‘miracles’ that he wanted to perform allegedly failed. He was a member of Johane Masowe yeNguwo Tsvuku sect.

Four of the men who buried him have been arrested while a fifth is still at large.

The ‘prophet’ died at Muchengeti homestead in Headman’s Mazonde under Chief Kasekete on 30 July where he had been invited to exorcise the homestead amid claims that goblins were causing havoc to the family.

There he had a grave dug for himself and ordered that he be buried. He said he would emerge from it 12 minutes later, in a supernatural stunt. Of course that didn’t work and 12 minutes later the man was dead.

What he was thinking, we have no idea. A bit delusional we think. Some of these so-called prophets seriously need to get there heads examined. When you think of it, so do their followers. If you’re going to dig a grave, bury a guy, wait ten minutes and then dig him up expecting him to be alive, then you are on something special. We don’t think a drug that strong has been invented yet.