Professional ‘Cuddler’ Makes $260 A Day

A New York woman charges $60 an hour for strangers to come and lie down with her for an hour.

Jackie Samuels invites around 30 men as well as a number of women to lie down with her and makes on average $260 a day to pay for her college tuition.

The cuddling takes place anywhere around her cottage in Rochester, New York. Clients are banned from touching any part of her body covered by underwear.

Not only that, she now has an apprentice in her business called the Snuggery.

Some call her a prostitute but the men on the boat know all about that cuddling business and how much women love it. Sometimes it feels as if you have to do it because you get that look that comes across as a bit of a warning if you don’t.

We doubt that such a thing would take off here in Zimbabwe. We can’t imagine a fella going to Sloane Court or Tipperary’s and asking for a seller of bodily wares for a cuddle.

Maybe they do. We wouldn’t know.

What self-respecting man would PAY a woman to cuddle though. That is like paying her to come to your house when she is on her periods.

A bit bizarre but as they say in shona, awana gepu rake.

  • Pro

    an utterly funny way of making money. on the edge of loneliness lies people like this woman. i bet she doesnt have a boyfriend. Mahure, obvious