Police Planning To Ban Women From Bars?

So the Daily News ran a screaming headline story today in which it says that police have now started arresting women found in bars around the CBD area after 9pm.

The story ran a narrative of a raid which it says was conducted at some spot in the Kopje area where the police where all women including waitresses and dancers were arrested. The argument by the police is that they are looking for prostitutes, something which we found a little strange.

The police did say that they were conducting raids but said that these were for criminals who were hiding in these places and not for the purposes of extracting women from the bars. They added that if any woman was arrested, they should go and file a complaint with the police and investigation would be carried out.

While it is common to see prostitutes in pubs it is hard to tell one from the other. It is not like they walk about with a sign return short-time or whole night on their foreheads. Every so often I have seen some of my mates being lured anatomical sales associates and not being aware that they were of that persuasion.

Given that background even if the police were going after prostitutes in pubs how would they be able to tell one from the other. This is what makes this operation hard to understand. Yes, the police have explained that they are not targeting these women but why are the arrests happening?

A lot of anger has been expressed on social media and quite rightly so. An explanation of what is going on needs to be provided. If the police are indeed banning women from pubs after certain times then this needs to made clear and under which section of the law this action falls under.

It is bad enough that we have to deal with so many instances in which one is arrested for walking out of a pub with a woman, and the woman being accused of selling sex.

Causing unnecessary anguish is unhelpful and retrogressive.

Mind you, if they ban women from bars, I guess they might as well ban the men. After all, we go to pubs to see women.

  • for real!, wats the use of going to the bar when there no women there?

  • Mandebvu

    the police were doing this in 1984 – sexists. It is men who create the demand for prostitutes and men who implement policies that subjugate and impoverish women who are then forced into prostitution. What hope for Zimbabwe as long as such people are in charge?

  • Tsai

    Obviously the continued harassment and limiting of civil liberties enjoyed by women continues. Even if the police are looking for prostitutes, what about the men that are their clients. If a ‘curfew’ is going to be put in place let it apply to men and women!!

    • I guess you understand why we are quick not to claim the police have imposed a curfew

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