PICS: Another ‘Prophet’ Stands And Sits On Half-Naked Congregants

Pictures appearing on the End Times Disciples Ministries Facebook page have taken quite a few aback with weird behaviour really.

Captions show men and women half naked on the ground after being commanded by the prophet to do so. This is so that the spirit gets in the person’s body and increases temperature out in the cold.

A lot of comments on the Facebook accused the South Africa-based church of abuse and ‘running  a strip club while some not surprisingly agreed with the act.

This comes on the back of similar action in 2014 by another church leader Lesego Daniel who had his congregants eating grass.  He also infamously stood on and sometimes kicked his followers.

Some call it possessed. We call it insanity.

The things people will do for church.







  • Julie Barnes

    Seriously sick!

  • Gari Moyo™

    Let me get this straight, people go to church to get humiliated all in the name of being “saved”? Count me out