Always Pay A Prostitute For Services Rendered!

A Gweru man was kicked out of the house after failing to pay for services rendered to him.

Ascot residents were treated to free drama and some of them even slapped the man in question about. The incident took place around 9 in the morning.

The man, in his 30s was then rescued by men in the neighbourhood who took him in and clothed him. The prostitutes from the house from which he was kicked out then invaded the house and demanded the release of the man. The matter was settled when the prostitute in question went into the house for talks.

Now this whole story upsets us  and not because the man was kicked out. We just are offended by his breach of contract. What he negotiated with the woman, he simply should have paid. Now that puts a lot of men who are in the habit of buying sex at risk. The ladies of the night will be getting ideas from this incident and soon, we will be seeing a lot of naked men on the street.

I guess he should have read our guide to buying sex. Always pay the hooker, we say!

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