Pastor Gets Six Married Women From His Church Pregnant

A pastor has been expelled from his church after he was found to have gotten six women in his congregation.

Elizabeth Maternity Photo
Pastor gets 6 women pregnant in his churchcheriejoyful / / CC BY-NC-ND

SIX women. We are talking one, two, three, four, five, six. Six women who have husbands at home. SIX.

Pastor Derek Ngulube, formerly of Faith Ministries in the Matobo District,  of Matebeleland South, is said to have gotten these women pregnant within a period of one year.

The matter came to a head when a fellow pastor ‘prophesied’ that there was an ‘elder’ who was in the habit of bedding married women after which Ngulube admitted his sins. Of course we wonder where that ‘prophecy’ came from unless the pastor was a bit upset that he had been turned down or something. Who knows?

All we know is that there are six men in that church who will have kids who do not belong to them.

Not surprising after the alarming statistics on how many DNA tests come back negative – 70% – in Harare. Well, we suppose but that is Harare, but still…

With information from B-Metro