About That Offending Unofficial Zimbabwe Coca Cola Ad

There is a video that was posted on Youtube a few days ago which was titled Coca Cola Zimbabwe Ad.

The disclaimer from the get-go was that this was not an official Coca Cola ad.

What was meant to be portrayed was that Coca Cola brought people together.

The narrative is that some woman who is supposedly Zimbabwean gets off a bus in some foreign land and then starts going manic. She can only speak in Shona so there is a failure to communicate. Then after that people come across to comfort her. They quickly print missing posters and she is in a state. Then suddenly a guy comes off a bus and hands her the beverage. Then people are puzzled because Coca Cola is nothing new to them. They then have a party for some reason.

Anyway, we are offended because this simply perpetuates the western speak that Africans are pre-historic and that they get excited over frivolous things. And just for the record, we use the word coke in Shona so if the idiot who made the video had cared to give attention to detail this ad would have been 3 seconds long and more positive. That it depicts our people as this helpless bunch of nutheads is infuriating.

What irks us is the Zimbabweans who co-signed this mess. Maybe they were trying to get that NGO money.

In the words of Binyavanga Wainana in his letter to Madonna:

Thank you for offering to help us Africans out, but we can manage without your pity

So offended right now. Check the video out here and tell us what you think.

Click here to view it on Youtube

  • Webster Madanhi

    Like most adverts, this one too is far fetched. People don’t celebrate soft drinks at all, not least as depicted. But the question of the nationalities and languages cast is neither here nor there. It could have been anyone. This is just the silly side of business/commerce. But u r right, there are those who might wish to exercise their freedoms to speculate on the potential cultural effect. It’s a free world. At least in some parts of it;)

  • taphizzle

    and you can’t spell english words properly,so it’s kind of ironic everything about this story, Lawd do you edit your stuff before you post it?

  • Samson_haana_mhosva

    you never know, maybe our fellow Zimbos in the diaspora behave like that just for a coke…lol

  • Great advert

  • this is rubbish and the zimbabweans used in ths ad should be very ashamed of themselves nxaaaaaa

  • Ain’t it funny how we are all here conversing in English? What would our ancestors say of us? Not that i am condoning that advert. Let us not be hypocritical of the notion that we try to take advantage of any arising situation.