Nigerian Pastor Says All Catholics Are Going To Hell

A Nigerian religious leader, Pastor Chris Okotie, has made an astonishing attack on Pope Francis I and Catholics.

He called the pope, the Anti-Christ and said all catholics were going to hell.

Pastor Chris Okotie

Pastor Chris Okotie

The fifty-five year old pastor made this controversial statement last Sunday while he was preaching in his church, Household of God Church in Ikeja, Lagos.

He made this statement:

They are not Christians and have never been. hey don’t know Jesus. They believe that when they eat bread on Sundays, they are eating the body of Jesus. It’s ritual.

He added that soon the church would come out to be in full service of the devil.

He has gone on to defend his statements by saying that the ‘truth is bitter’, on his twitter account.

Okotie has been married twice, and divorced twice, and he announced that there would be a beauty pageant to announce the most beautiful woman in his church this Sunday.

Okotie has said before that he was ordained to be a president of Nigeria but he has lost in the two elections he has entered in.

We’re not really fans of religion but fair to say that going about calling people certain things is a bit dicey. Sure there are things that Catholic and many other churches do that are a bit untoward but in the grand scheme of things calling them satanists is a bit much.

With information from the Nigeria Metro

  • Knowledge Manyika

    In other news this Nigerian pastor finally learns how to read .. Reads the bible and is appalled by its message of hope and forgiveness ..

  • shadreck kativhu

    some time people need not to wait for medical psychiatric test to define madness.this paster is a serious psych case and the Nigerian government should be careful of such diseased individuals.only a child born of rape or through mistaken pregnancy during prostitution or in fact pregnant through burst condom would utter such words.actually he will soon die the Judas Iscariot way watch out

    • What if he is right/

      • jill


    • sharynkay

      ”only a child born of rape or through mistaken pregnancy during
      prostitution or in fact pregnant through burst condom would utter such
      words” – that’s not a fair statement. It’s quite ignorant really…just like the pastor in this article. Just a thought. Otherwise, I agree that the pastor is mad.

  • Tatambura Nehanda

    WTF is going on in this would? Who is this bloke to judge. He must be sick in his lungs this pastor.
    Therez no denomination which sents people to heaven.

    • Religion is a strange thing

    • Knowledge Manyika

      Lol this post is classic ..thank you Tatambura ..

  • Nesongano

    May the Lord forgive this lost “Pastor”!!

  • malaika263

    iwo mapastor aya who are so self involved, they don’t even bother to open the bible aya….nxaaa!!! Ndosaka vanhu vavakutiza madzichechi and looking for answers mumabhawa!!!!!

    • Wellit is what it is

      • malaika263

        what a way 2 go ‘mod’;…..ko munopindawo iri ipi nhai mod????