Things To Do While There Is Nationwide Blackout In Zimbabwe

Exogenous Shock

def: Shocks determined by factors outside a model which are independent of other factors in the model or system

Zimbabwe Power Company said the nationwide power cut was due to an ‘exogenous shock’ in Mozambique which affected both of our main stations (Hwange and Kariba). That is geek speak for something happened that had nothing to do with the system but affected the system.

In Harare the power was back by around 9.30am and at the time of us writing this (12.10pm) there was no power in Kariba. Am sure there are other places that still havent had power restored.

Now, funny thing is I wasn’t too bothered. Mind you, the work I had to do at that time did not need electricity. You do not need to power to be in a meeting, do you? I wasn’t too bothered. I figured, ah well, the power’s gone. It will be back when it is back.

It has become common cause for people to use this time to

  • catch up on paper-work,
  • text old and new girlfriends,
  • nip out for a chat,
  • have multiple smoke breaks,
  • pretend to be a pundit,
  • have sex with someone they are not supposed to be having sex with. (I am sure this last one doesn’t need the nationwide blackout but it was nice to mention)
  • have sex with someone they  are supposed to be having sex with.
  • read a book
  • complain about the blackout on social media
  • sleep
  • make up new conspiracy theories about why there was a blackout
  • regurgitate old conspiracy theories about why there is a blackout
  • stare at people walking by
  • volunteer to go to the shops and the claim that there was a long queue (only works if it is at night and you are married)
  • come up with a lie about where one is planning to be later
  • call someone and pretend to care what they think
  • call someone and make them care about you think
  • call ZESA and noone picks up
  • call ZESA and be put on hold
  • call ZESA and the number is always busy
  • call ZESA and they pick up the call and then the call drops
These are some of the things that people do. What do you get up to? We’d better start being creative because this is the third one in 2 months so it could become a habit. So or those who find themselves twiddling their thumbs not knowing what to do, your suggestions might help.
  • I made use of the power-less and Internet-less time (our base station was down) by paying bills – including ZESA 🙂