Harare Pastor Performs Miracle Abortion

The whole miracle thing has gotten completely out of hand. A pastor in Harare has prayed for  a four months pregnant woman and the pregnancy disappeared.

Not to be outdone by miracle loss weight, miracle money, miracle babies and the whole schbang, Kingdom Embassy founder Passion Java did this last Saturday at the corner of Leopold Takawira Street and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue.

The woman’s testimony is that she had gotten pregnant by a man who dumped her.

Oh by the way, there was miracle money too.

This is all very confusing. After all the Bible is against the taking away of life by way of abortion so if this pastor isn’t removing pregnancies then it is against scripture. Then there is the fact that abortion is still largely illegal in Zimbabwe. So should he not be arrested too?

So while rival Emmanuel Makandiwa gets women pregnant and has them giving birth in three days, this other fella here simply gets rid of the pregnancy.

This is even weirder than Harry Potter.