Millers Cafe in Borrowdale Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable

Millers Cafe in Borrowdale opened a few months ago and I didn’t bother going. No idea why but I just never did.

Then last week with a few friends we decided to see if it was the sort of place we could leave some money in exchange for some food. In reality one of our friends said they served good food and he was willing to let them have some money in exchange for edibles and drinkables.

So we got there and the place was about 40 percent full and we made out way towards a vacant table and we were told that the table was booked. Fair game. And then he said the place was fully booked. My friend was having none of it. The dude then asked us to walk with him to some station to find out if there we free tables which we declined.

The friend who was throwing money at them for service caused a bit of a scene and lo and behold there was a free table.

The waiter was reluctant and short with us. He was in essence unpleasant and grumpy. Noone likes a grumpy waiter.

We were there for 3 hours and the place probably got to about 70% capacity.

The table we had initially gone for was not occupied throughout that period.

I am not going back there. The place just made me feel uncomfortable. It felt like South Africa.

I am not saying that they are racist. That would be unfair. But the way we were treated compared to the courtesy that people who are not of colour makes you wonder.

It really does…

  • Ethel Shunje

    u just helped me i was gonna take my man out to that place. hey, i cant take it, possibly

  • Tanya

    you have to experience Millers Balantyre first. We booked a table through our company (white sounding name), we got there all dressed up – table for 10. the white guy ‘pretends’ to check the list and says sorry we dont have your booking and we are fully booked. I looked in the restaurant and it wasnt even 10% full. So I said to him, I personally called and made my booking with (name) and was told it was confirmed. For that reason, i am going to make myself comfortable at that there table whilst you guys sort out your mess. So we went and sat, and no waiter came! none, for a good 30mins. So we continued to sit, and then the ‘Manager’ came, looking all hoity toity and asked us to leave, to which we replied under no circumstance were we going to do that. they were free to call the police if they felt like it. I even said, you actually dont know who we are or who you could be dealing with. After that didnt we just have waiters appearing from all over. We each ordered one soft drink and sat talking for a good 2hours, then left. We made our point. We never got an apology neither have we ever patroned that place again!. they are racist whether you want to say it or not, they are!

    • Well that is a horrible. Truly horrible. Absolutely disgusting I say and a lot of this is happening to other people. And they just get away with. Why don’t they just make it a private club then?

  • Zimbo

    the same treatment me and my family got some 3 weeks ago.the place sucks!

  • Erinc

    Yeah, I’ve had crap service in both Millers and I’m white, so is my fiancee and when we were at Millers in Borrowdale,we were with some Korean friends. They’re not racist, they’ve just got crap service.

    • Well we did say we don’t think that they are racist. but their behaviour was curious.

  • Sugars

    Racist I say, they are indeed racist those buggers

  • manu

    They are racist. The waiter actually told us to our faces that the rules were different for the white people. And it’s the ignorant waiters that perpetuate it. That place is an example of the problem with Africa.

  • Cesti

    I think they just need to improve on service, I have been there for breakfast and lunch on a number of occasions and have had different experiences with the service