About That Mike Tyson Sex Change

So there is a story doing the rounds is that former heavyweight bozxing champion Mike Tyson has had a sex change.

It has not happened. If it had then it would be on all the major news channels, wouldn’t it? It’s not exactly small-times news.

Funny thing? The Standard which the MMPZ calls the most credible weekly paper ran the story.

So yeah, it didn’t happen. Keep it moving.

  • Mr_popular

    Ok that’s plain idiotic. People are now enjoying using the Media and particularly the internet to spread lies and false news.

  • jojo

    tuma newspaper twenyu utu full of shit..kungo mhanyirira kuisa story yakadaro musina background yacho..silleness

  • glasshouse

    Just like you said John Nkomo is no more when infact he is alive and kickig

    • Tembo

      yeah, this larry guy is apt to taking the moral high ground when he himself is also full of the same nonsense when it fits him

  • Kettle Black

    This is pretty rich coming from a news site that just a few days ago incorrectly reported the Vice President dead. Now isn’t exactly your proudest moment, or the most opportune time to point fingers at crimes you are equally guilty of committing.