Mgqumeni Impersonator: Tokoloshes Won’t Let Me Come Clean

Sibusiso John Gcabashe, the Mgqumeni impersonator charged with fraud and perjury for claiming he was the dead maskandi artist seems to have more twists in his tale.

His latest claim, which he made before the court is that tokoloshes have  told him that his eyes will burst if he changes his statement. Not only that, he says the wound on his head came from an inmate who saw him change into a snake.

Now, that just stopped us dead in our tracks. I mean, we have heard all types of defences. I think there was a time two teenagers claimed they were possessed by the music of the Geto Boys when they killed a poor fella. Then there was the case who of the man who used sexomania as his defence. Sexsomnia refers to when someone involuntarily engages in sexual acts while sleeping. A doctor said that this was aggravated by lack of sleep and alcohol, resulting in sleep sex.

All very bizarre defences. So what if Gcabashe’s defence is actually real?  What if there re tokoloshes having a go at him?

We would like to think not, but what if…