Of men and their twisted sexual prejudices

(In this rant I speak only for heterosexual men)

It is fun being a man. Well most of the time. It is annoying being accused of all the wrong in the world including things that we have no idea about. Of course we are willing to take credit for the things that we might also, not know about.

The thing that amuses me the most is our view on lesbianism. We have a blanket no on all forms homosexuality. It is not even negotiable.


We are happy to watch girls making out. In fact in most cases we encourage it. As long as she is not fully lesbian, we like it. Because we would like to retain the option of being able to have sex with either of them.

Some say it is evolutionary. That is to say we want to feel like we are men, male, and the masters of chauvanism. That i she can get her to orgasmic tectonic movement then we are challenged. Surely a woman can’t beat me.

I, being of socially expressive habits, have seen women in all sorts of, err convenient sets of circumstances. Some women say that they haven’t errr ‘cum’ in a while unless they were with a woman. Other women say they can only play with ‘sausages’. When I heard the sausage reference of course that put me off that food for a while but I digress.

If you ask men, and I reiterate, the heterosexual ones, the idea that only another woman has made her get to that special place, that is, a huge turn-on.

Something about that challenge…