Of Men and the Missing Manhood

So I was sitting at the next table and there was a couple involved in an argument over some he-said-she-said stuff. Now that is normal. You said this. You got me wrong. The usual. Then something happened. The guy says, “It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it.”

Yes I can see all the all the women cringing when there hear that and imagine their testicled half saying something of that nature.

Now I am all for sensitivity and all that other pop-psychology rubbish but not to the point where the man turns into a woman. Might as well get castrated and have a lesbian relationship. But I digress.

It’s just a classic case of the missing manhood. People think you should just know how to be a man but it was never meant to work like that. In the old grab-your-balls-and-spit-society men where taught how to be men and how to be relevant as such in the society they lived. They were taught how to be strong pillars of support for their other(better) half.

In fact I read somewhere that a boy was removed from his mother as soon has he was aware of his manhood. He would be taken away to live with the other men. There he would be taught how to survive and when he had realised what being a man was, he would then be allowed to deal with women again.

Nowadays a mummy’s boy is exposed to women and chooses every opportunity to bitch about stuff as much if not more than his woman.

I guess when you say be a man to someone like that, you wonder if the concept is alien to them. And if you are saying that as a man, are you sure you know what being a man is?

Is your manhood missing?

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