Of Men Who Have an Irrational Fear of Women

Ladies, have you ever come across that guy. That guy who keeps looking at you but he doesnt come up to you. Or you know he likes you but just says hi and then quickly shuffles on.

I have had women ask me every so often if it is OK to step up to a guy who you know likes you but he just doesnt get round to doing anything about it. Well ladies, you might just have to.

Women are not that scary

You see, by nature, men have a serious fear of rejection. It is born of the same fear women have but throw some ego onto  it. They feel that if a woman rejects them, then, it means that they are a bad bad bad human being. It is irrational and uncontrollable. So lump three things together. IRRATIONAL, UNCONTROLLABLE, FEAR!

Now, guys, we have to put this out. If she says no, she isn’t saying that you are a waste of sperm. She could really not be into a guy like you. Or she could be having a bad day. Or she could be unavailable (married, some emotional complex, lesbian comes to mind). Another thing, could be because of your approach.

Just so you know, even the Lothario’s get stage fright. The trick is realising that rejection is a part of life. You just have to do things that reduce the chances of being rejected.

  • i agree with you. Men find it so hard opening up about their fear of rejection or feelings and it will eventually be transformed into something that’s socially acceptable for them to sleep with women and reject them right after. therefore creating this cycle of loneliness n misery. Rejection is normal, some reasons as to why they get rejected are our of their control.

    • Anonymous

      well put..