Man Says Wife Beats Him Up For Not Getting Her Pregnant

A Harare man is seeking a protection order against his wife who he claims beats him up for not getting her pregnant.

Nyasha Zvoushe made application at the Harare Civil Court against his estranged wife Diana Manjeyese.

He was quoted as telling the courts:

This woman beats me up and shouts at me, telling me that I am not a real man who can make her pregnant. I almost lost my life when she pulled my genitals, only to wake up at Harare Hospital. She sold all my clothes and is barring me from my house where she is now cohabiting with her boyfriend. She told me that the child we have is not mine and she has had other men who satisfy her in bed.

She called him a liar and says the problems started when he wanted to take another wife. She refused and he left their home. When he came back he found her with her sister and her brother  and accused the man of being her boyfriend. We have no idea how he would get married to someone and not know her brother but we digress.

The application was dismissed.