Man Wanted Court To Bar His Wife From Working

A Harare man who tried to have the court bar his wife going to work because he wouldn’t be able to control her has lost his case in court.

In what we think is a pretty idiotic take on life the man, Henry Barura, had challenged his wife, Lynette Makavanga’s protection order application because he wanted her at home. And check this out, Barura is unemployed.

Apparently he even gone to her workplace and caused havoc.

The court now forbids him from going to her workplace and he is now to observe peace between him and her.

We think it is just a case of a man and his challenged manhood. He is just being weird because she is providing for the family and he is just a loafer. What he expects them to do, sitting at home, doing nothing and staring at the wall until death by starvation or a life crime gets them, we have no idea.

Idiotic we say

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