Man Marries Own Mother

A 32 year-old South African man has married his 62 year-old mother, claiming that his ancestors told him to.

Now the dude in question says his forefathers said he should pay lobola for his own mother. The ceremony attracted a crowd of 2,000.

The man, Buti Mphetu is a university drop-out who has turned into sangoma. The mother was happy and said she didn’t think she would ever have a white wedding at her age. She also claims her custom didn’t forbid this whole affair.

Now this is just disgusting on so many levels. This is your own mother and you are planning to… no we can’t even say it. Then for those other purists who think there is nothing wrong with  a young twisted fellow…  come on man it is his mother!

He can blame his ancestors all he likes but that won’t change a thing. They won’t fancy it. Remember, one of those is his dad.