Man Beats Wife For Denying Him Sex

A Gweru man has beaten his wife up after she refused him conjugal rights.

Her reasons? He is poor in bed and should get a job.

The story is that Philemon Mugwari was lying in bed with his missus Ms Martha Masunda when he requested for action and she flat turned him down. Not only that, she said that the man used the same sex style every single time and it was rather painful. He then tried to force himself on her and while assaulting.

She was not having none of it and she ran off, told the cops, and he got charged and fined $300.

Now not only does this poor knobhead not have sex, he now pays $300 for the sex he could not have. Imagine how many rounds he could have gotten from the sellers of bodily wares if he wanted to. Or maybe the number porn DVD’s he could have bought off the street to learn a few moves so that he could be more interesting to his wife.

Or better yet, for the purists, the number of CVs he could have printed and sent out to get himself a job, which would be great for his self-esteem and make him more interesting to his wife.

Or maybe the wife was just hungry and tired of sex on an empty stomach,

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