Man Beats Up Margistrate And Prosecutor After Being Denied Bail

A disgruntled man facing shoplifiting charges has beaten up a magistrate and a prosecutor after he was denied bail.

The Gweru man left the magistrate with a leg fracture while the prosecutor sustained injury. Living Madubeko, along with his accomplice Geshom Muvingi were hauled before  magistrate Mrs Tancy Dube-Chipumha.

After being told he would be held in remand following his trial Madubeko suddenly jumped out of his dock and grabbed a chair and started assaulting Mrs Dube-Chipumha and the prosecutor, Miss Chipo Matshe.

Mrs Dube-Chipumha had refused him bail in order to assess his previous convictions. He wasn’t having any of that and he went mad.

Doesn’t look as if he will be getting anything related to bail right now is he?

It is a shame. A damn shame. You steal, probably not  a bad sentence. And then you aggravate the situation by beating up the one person who can mitigate. Not very smart is he?