Makandiwa To Splash On $200,000 Car?

UFIC Leader ‘Prophet’ Emmanuel Makandiwa is set to splash on a brand new US$200,000 car. This is after he was seen at ZIMOCO having a look at a Mercedes Benz M-Class 350 4matic 2012 model.

It is reported that his wife received a Mercedes Brabus – which we doubt though –  from the UFIC women last week it seems as if the self-styled ‘Man Of God’ will be adding to his already expensive range of cars. Currently he drives the famous white Lexus which costs a penny and a half too.

Journalists who fancied a chat with him didn’t get much luck as his bodyguards were having none of it.

Makandiwa is said to be worth to be between 6 and 10 million dollars.

Source: iZimbabwe

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