Makandiwa To Splash On $200,000 Car?

UFIC Leader ‘Prophet’ Emmanuel Makandiwa is set to splash on a brand new US$200,000 car. This is after he was seen at ZIMOCO having a look at a Mercedes Benz M-Class 350 4matic 2012 model.

It is reported that his wife received a Mercedes Brabus – which we doubt though –  from the UFIC women last week it seems as if the self-styled ‘Man Of God’ will be adding to his already expensive range of cars. Currently he drives the famous white Lexus which costs a penny and a half too.

Journalists who fancied a chat with him didn’t get much luck as his bodyguards were having none of it.

Makandiwa is said to be worth to be between 6 and 10 million dollars.

Source: iZimbabwe

  • the masters of religion…keeping the poor in their rightful places

  • Rue

    why would a pastor move around with a bodyguard?

    • He is worth 6-9 million

      • daughter

        No we can never place a value on him, He is more precious than silver and gold and we love Him. Mari ndeya Mwari and its not his fault that he has a strong relationship with the Creator and owner of all wealth and riches.

    • Product of Prophecy

      if you had a following of over half a million people you’d also need people(“bodyguards”) to make sure that you can move freely during your private time without any interference from journalists etc…but i guess you wouldn’t know anything about that hey…

  • BigSoks

    Makandiwa Enterprises T/A UFIC… Bcoz God loves a cheerful giver. *smh*

    • cheeky

    • Sam Beta

      May God open your eyes. Please take time to understand your Bible and God’s way of doing things. Thats if you have a BIBLE..

  • stunt 101 #G-Unit

  • Caramelcat

    All this prophecy is just a scam to make money, feeding on the gullible

  • ivan Muteto

    I guess he aint gonna fade away soon jus like the likes of Matthius and Mildred!

  • Sam Beta

    its best not to comment on the things of God if we do not understand them. Take time to understand before you splash comments on the net. May God grant us the spirit of discernment.

  • daughter

    Forward ever nevhangeri Papa! There’s no stopping the Man of God.